Quest Adaptations Sdn. Bhd. (QASB) was incorporated in Malaysia in 2003. Prior to its inception, QASB has been in operation under a partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) in the semiconductor industry.

This company was founded by a group of expertise, whom are well experienced in the semiconductor industry for more than 25 years; both as End-Users as well as Integration Service provider. Back to years before, they have been providing solutions and services to MNCs in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

In business, every business believes in diversification, continuous exploration and expansion in line with the niche market either nationwide or globablly, so as this company. QASB has revolved towards the direction of OEM, and now regarded as one of the leading system implementer, developer and integrator for various OEM located in the Northern Region. Apart from this, QASB has also potentially evolved further to meet with the current industrial challenges by introducing the latest technologies following the concept of Industry 4.0 towards the sustainability of established industries.

In order for us to increase our customer base, we also strategized towards providing the most cost effective, reliable, best quality and specific solutions to enterprises and manufacturing industries. We have also developed our very own brand products. We see ourselves as a vibrant and continuously growing company with many many more great plans for the future.