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Manufacturing Software Solution for Laser Marking System

Product Overview

QMark is custom software for laser marking system based on client manufacturing requirement and environment. In the market, there are many brands of lasers, such as Keyence, NEC, YAG, Telesis, Lumonics and etc. But, with the laser marking system alone, user usually needs to do data/character entry manually and becomes an endless source of problems unless data/character entry can be automated. Mis-marking, unintentionally selecting the wrong marking template for a given product, is prohibitively expensive for factories. From our wide expertise in different brands of lasers and years of servicing experience, we can provide custom software that are integrated with barcode scanner and laser marking system according to client manufacturing requirement and environment. With this custom software, marking operation can be controlled from external computer via RS232 interface. User can feed data through barcode scanning, eg. select the correct marking template and change correct text or data, then trigger the marking operation. As summary, the custom software is made to suit mass production environment, thus lead to improvement in process yield and throughput.


  • Flexible and user friendly graphical user interface
  • User access configuration and management
  • Automated data entry service, eg. barcode scanner
  • Data entry verification
  • Marking template upload from laser
  • Marking data download to laser
  • Trigger marking operation
  • Audit and history reporting service


  • Prevent mis-marking due to manufacturing error
  • Improve in process yield and throughput
  • Automated data entry
  • Eliminate human error (eg. error in selecting the marking template)
  • Custom made to suit client requirement and environment
  • Can be easily integrated with any brands of lasers, as long as the laser marking system has communication protocol interface, eg. RS232 interface

Solution Architecture


System Requirements

  • Windows NT, 2000 or XP
  • Minimum 64M RAM
  • Minimum 10GB hard drive space
  • RS232 port for laser controller communication


  • The laser marking system must possess communication protocol interface, eg. RS232 interface