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QLink4 Tool

Software for Equipment Connectivity using SECS

Product Overview

QLink4Tool is an Active X Control that provides SECS message parsing and construction services, with built-in knowledge of the SECS standards. It is an object-oriented software toolkit for equipment suppliers to quickly develop communication interfaces on their manufacturing equipment. With QLink4Tool, you can develop your interface using Visual Basic or Visual C++. Simply drag the QLink4Tool control from the toolbox and drop it on the application form. Once the QLink4Tool control has been placed on the form, you can start building your interface by filling in the desired event handlers using standard code and by setting control properties such as baud rate, timeouts and IP address.


  • Windows NT/2000/XP service
  • Active X/COM technology
  • Full SECS-II, SECS-I and HSMS support
  • Only one drop-in Active X Control in your GUI
  • Dynamic and simple communication and interface configuration
  • Contain pre-defined transaction templates for all messages in the SECS standard
  • Interchangeable communications and message formatting in xml
  • Client/Server architecture
  • EasyLink (SECS Test Simulator) provided with QLink4Tool integration development


  • Reduce software development time, maintenance and lines of code while improving quality
  • Easy to support industry standards using robust industry tested modules
  • Instead of spending time developing SECS/GEM communication, immediately focus on actual high level systems development
  • Reduce integration and setup time
  • Flexibility to develop using Visual Basic and Visual C++. Allows distribution of programs on separate PCs or Equipments
  • Flexibility to use the QLink4Tool functions from one or many project programs
  • Allow to modify the format of existing SECS messages
  • Allow to define new messages to support non-standard equipment at run time rather than compilation time
  • Provide fast, easy debugging through built-in diagnostics

QLink4Tool Components

  • The SECSIDriver is a SECS I communication protocol object driver. It manages all SECS-I communications to and from the equipment. It also supports both the SECS-I and HSMS standards, so this driver can transfer SECS-II messages through an RS-232 serial port or a TCP/IP Ethernet connection.
  • The QLink4Tool is Active X control that builds on top of SECSIDriver Dll. It provides highlevel object mapping for SECS standard objects as below:
    • SECSDictionary
    • SECSTrans
    • SECSMessage
    • SECSItem
  • The Default xml file is a pre-defined transaction template for all messages in the SECS standards.
  • The EasyLink is a SECS test simulator to verify SECS-II messaging content during integration development.


System Requirements

  • Windows NT, 2000 or XP
  • Minimum 64M RAM
  • Minimum 100 MB hard drive space
  • Ethernet card for HSMS communication
  • RS 232 port for SECS-I communication

Semi Standards