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Software for Equipment Connectivity using SECS/GEM

Product Overview

QGEMService is an object-oriented software toolkit for equipment suppliers to quickly develop communication interfaces on their manufacturing equipment. It makes extensive use of  ActiveX/COM technology and is specifically designed to allow the protocol and message format to  be easily customized. The GEM interface is available to host where each may be a SECS-I or  HSMS connection. The QGEMService architecture prepares equipment suppliers to easily support  the emerging Internet-based communication standards. The current QGEMService release  supports the GEM, SECS-II, SECS-I and HSMS standards and runs on Windows NT, 2000 or XP. 


  • Windows NT/2000/XP service
  • Active X/COM technology 
  • Full SECS-II, SECS-I and HSMS support 
  • Fully functional GEM communication out-of-the box 
  • Only one drop-in Active X Control in your GUI 
  • Dynamic and simple communication and interface configuration 
  • Interchangeable communications and message formatting in xml 
  • Client/Server architecture 
  • QGEMBuilder (GEM Database Editor) and EasyLink (SECS Test Simulator) provided with QGEMService integration development 


  • Reduce software development time, maintenance and lines of code while improving quality 
  • Easy to support industry standards using robust industry tested modules 
  • Instead of spending time developing GEM communication, immediately focus on adding 
  • machine-specific features 
  • Save development time 
  • Reduce integration and setup time 
  • Flexibility to develop using Visual Basic and Visual C++. Allows distribution of programs on separate PCs
  • Simple integration into the system. Allows automatic startup
  • Flexibility to use the QGEMService functions from one or many project programs 
  • Verify the GEM interface software quality using professional host software 

QGEMService Components

  • The QGEMService handles all communications to and from the host. In GEM mode, all  fundamental GEM requirements and additional capabilities including the GEM state  machines are managed automatically. Equipment application programs update data in the  QGEMService and implement the process state machine.
  • The QGEMServer functions allow equipment application programs to communicate to the  QGEMService using DCOM interfaces. DCOM interfaces provide maximum development  language compatibility and allow the use of modern object oriented methodologies. The  QGEMService can be used under Visual Basic, Visual C++ or any other COM compatible  development environment. 
  • The QGEMTool is a GUI tool for dynamically configuring, monitoring and testing equipment SECS/GEM interfaces.
  • The QGEMBuilder is a GEM database editor for dynamically configuring and setup of SECS/GEM related data and item.
  • The EasyLink is a SECS test simulator to verify SECS-II messaging content during integration development.

QGem Service

System Requirements

  • Windows NT, 2000 or XP
  • Minimum 64M RAM
  • Minimum 100 MB hard drive space
  • Ethernet card for HSMS communication
  • RS 232 port for SECS-I communication

Semi Standards

  • GEM E30, SECS-II E5, HSMS E37, SECS-I E4