To provide High Performance, Cost Effective Equipment Integration, Data Acquisition, Automation and Control Software Development



  • Research & development of enhanced QGEMService 2.0.
  • Integration of customized inventory, transaction & tracking system to Malaysian customs approved accounting software.
  • Research & development of SEMI PV2-0709 implementation for photovoltaic industry.


  • Awarded contract by a multi-national company in Penang in collaboration with our business partner to successfully implement Constant DC Driver Station for LED lab test.
  • MSC Status extended for another 5 years.
  • Formed a joint venture company to expand into firmware, electronics and mechanical design work for test and LED burn-in market.


  • Awarded new contracts by a multi-national company in Penang for Resource Outsource , Circuit Design and Development projects , software and firmware development.
  • Venture in mechanical, wiring and cable assembly projects for a multi-national electronics company in Penang.
  • Appointed by an OEM as their trainer on the philosophy and importance of equipment integration solutions & SECS/GEM standards.
  • Relocate Quest Adaptations office from Bayan Bay to D’Piazza Mall.


  • Appointed by a multi-national semiconductor industries as their trainer for equipment integration solutions & SECS/GEM knowledge.
  • Continue Master Contract for Resource Outsource Contracts and Application/System Development Projects in MNC semiconductor companies in Kulim, Melaka and Singapore.
  • Renew Support contract for semiconductor companies in Ipoh for the maintenance and upgrading of QLink4Host Module.


  • Initiate new business partnership for business diversification (ERP).
  • Headcounts doubled up within a year.


  • Appointed as preferred vendor by another local equipment manufacturer located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan for our in-house QLink and QGEMService software (SECS/GEM product).
  • Recognized as regular vendor for the customization of software by a medical industry in automated label printing process, data acquisition, management, control and verification systems.
  • Awarded by a multinational semiconductor company in Singapore for the enhancement of their internal DMS system.
  • Research & development on CAMX communication module for PCB industry.
  • Enhanced our QLink4Host Module for .Net platform support.
  • Continue to support semiconductor companies in Ipoh in maintaining QLink4Host Module.
  • Relocate Quest Adaptations office from Sri Nibong Complex to Bayan Bay


  • Successfully attained MSC Status Company.
  • Awarded contract from a leading Semiconductor Company in Melaka & China as their QLink software corporate licensor, software development and technical support service provider.
  • Awarded contract for Software Development Services by a Semiconductor MNC located in Melaka.
  • Appointed by a Korean Original Equipment Manufacturer as their system integrator for the SECS/GEM module software into their equipment.
  • Released QTTMS – Transaction Tracking and Management System.


  • Released QBSMS – Quest Beauty Saloon Management System.
  • Became a member of Penang Automation Cluster (PAC).
  • Received a contract from a leading Semiconductor Company in Ipoh as QLink software corporate licensor.
  • Recognized as regular vendor for the customization of software in the areas of quality control, equipment calibration and management, as well as test report generation.


  • Successfully implemented Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System (SCADA) in SMI companies.
  • Released QMBMaster - Host Connectivity Solution for PLCs or Devices using Modbus.
  • Released QWMap - Wafer Map System.
  • Awarded Resource Outsource contract with a Wafer Fab MNC in Kulim


  • Extended QMark product to support
  • Markem Plate Marker Laser.
  • Shibaura YAG Laser
  • Appointed by Malaysia 1st 200mm wafer fab company as their trainer on the philosophy and importance of equipment integration solutions.
  • Awarded Resource Outsource contract with a MNC company in Melaka
  • Released QFlow - Shop Floor Control System for SMIs.
  • Released QPM - Plant Maintenance System.


  • Launched QGEMService - an enhanced version of our SECS/GEM product. This product has been selected by several OEMs as SECS/GEM Integration Module for their equipment.
  • Launched QMark - Automated Keyence Laser Marker System.  This system has been successfully implemented in Semiconductor MNCs.
  • Released QRecipe - Recipe Management System.
  • Business Alliance to supply ERP Business Solutions
  • Provide Custom Solutions development for various industries.


  • Quest Adaptations was officially established.
  • Launched our very 1st SECS/GEM products, QLink4Tool and QLink4Host Modules.
  • Partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturer for the development & implementation of SECS/GEM module software into their equipment.